Field repair

I was out riding on the Capital City Trail with two other guys today and learned a neat bike repair trick. The path had a lot of sections that hadn't melted off yet, the temps were in the low/mid 20's but the sun had softened up the snow and ice mix for a slushy experience. The ice build up on our bikes was pretty impressive by the end. About half way through the ride, out in the prairie sections that are far from anything, my cassette got so covered in ice that the chain just skipped over it in any gear and only the slightest pressure on the pedals; I wasn't going anywhere. I was about to start jabbing at it with a multi tool (which I wasn't keen on doing) when one of the guys suggested melting it off... One empty bladder later (not a camelbak bladder) the bike was officially mine, the drive train was astonishingly clean, and we were on our way.

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