Quarry Scramble


The snow isn't very nice right now which would really throw off the fun factor so the Quarry Scramble is on hold until the weather cooperates.

Come play in the snow at the 2nd running of The Quarry Scramble (winter relay edition).

When: Up in the air
Where: Quarry Park 
Entry Fee: Any bike related item (pick up something at the bike swap)

Riders will be broken up into teams of 4, anyone who brings a fatbike is a team captain and encouraged to share the fatty. 8 checkpoints will be randomly scattered around the park, each team sends out a rider to find a checkpoint. Each team can only have one rider on the course at a time and each rider can only hit one checkpoint per run on the course. The first team to hit all of the checkpoints wins and gets first dibs at the pile of entry fees. 

That's it


Trophies almost done

The categories are a secret, but the trophies are nearly done. And yes, they do light up of you spin the base fast enough. Thanks to the folks at Revolution Cycles for letting me rummage through their basement.


Video catch up

In chronological order.
Touring in Oregon

Riding in the upper peninsula of Michigan

Home turf in the snow


Cracked Pepper

Starting on something new.


Hub Conversion

The bolt on wheels on the Masi had to go. It's silly to need a 15mm wrench, which is uncommon on modern multi-tools, just change a flat...

Hollowing the axle was the stressful part, the bit wandering was a real threat. I drilled to the center, over 2", flipped it and met the hole on the other side and they lined up perfectly.